Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mets botch another one

        Johan Santana is out until maybe August. At least that's what they're saying now. Check back in August. Who knows when David Wright will be back. As of last week he was behind schedule. What exactly was the schedule? And today Sandy Alderson informed us that Ike Davis will be out at least another three weeks. Wait, what? Three more weeks without Ike? Can someone tell us exactly what happened to him?

        Originally we were told that Ike's collision with David Wright resulted in a rolled ankle. It was then downgraded to a bone bruise. That was back in May. It was supposed to be a brief stint on the DL. Today Alderson informs us that there is in fact cartilage damage. Three more weeks. If there isn't any improvement, season ending surgery is likely. How exactly did this happen? Why is there always so much confusion regarding the Mets and their injuries. How did it take over a month to realize there was torn cartilage in Ike's ankle.

         This isn't the first time the Mets have botched an injury. The way they report the facts is worse. The updates never seem to be accurate. There always seem to be setbacks. And the players who suit up in a Mets uniform always seem to be snake bitten with these injuries. You can understand the fans frustration with the Mets because a status update only brings doom and gloom to these fans. People ask when their luck will change. When the years of bad luck and bad medicine will change for the better. The change wont come until there is a true change at the top. Not the manager. Not the general manager. Ownership. This era needs to change. It's time to close the door and open a window somewhere.

Daniel Mazler
Twitter- @DMazzle

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