Friday, June 17, 2011

Yanks in position to take advantage of Angels, Mets financial woes.

           The Yankees have some glaring holes. They lack a number two ace (Sorry A.J, you're paid like one but you don't pitch like one). Joba is gone till sometime next year and Rafael Soriano is in hiding after collecting his paycheck. Outside of Mariano Rivera and David Robertson, their relievers cannot be trusted. Their offense has failed to produce consistently as well. Curtis Granderson cannot be your most dangerous hitter. But if Brian Cashman looks around and spends his money wisely, there can be some potentially strong acquisitions.

            We've recently learned that Angels ownership has put a stop to anymore spending this season. Word is the team is cash strapped. Gary Mathews Jr, Torre Hunter, and Vernon Wells have basically produced nothing. The Yankees should inquire about Jered Weaver. There are not too many pitchers of his calibre available. He's arbitration available next season and a free agent in 2013. There has to be internal discussions taking place considering whether the pitcher, who's 8-4 with a low 2's era, will simply cost too much to resign. The Angels, who have one of the worst farm systems in MLB, could take a package from the Yankees, who boast one of the best. Most teams are interested in prospect Jesus Montero, and I have a feeling that much like one time prospect Austin Jackson, Montero will never see big league time with the Yankees. Sprinkle in a few young arms and a deal can be struck. While the teams are talking, perhaps the Yankees should inquire about former right fielder Bobby Abreu. He has a tidy $9 million dollar option for next season. The Yankees at this point will most certainly not bring back under performing Nick Swisher, who's option for next season will cost the team much more. Abreu still hits for a decent average, can drive in a few runs, still has the speed to nab a few bases, and still boasts one of the best eyes at the plate in baseball.

          Cashman should also give the Mets a call. They have several contracts they will be looking to unload and the Yankees should consider Francisco Rodriguez. The Rafael Soriano deal has so far blown up in the Yankees faces and they find themselves very thin in the bullpen. K-Rod can add some much needed depth and experience, rebuilding what would be a very formidable bullpen. The Mets will most likely eat a good portion of this year's remaining salary and his $17 million dollar option for next season doesn't seem too large considering Jorge Posada's expiring contract. Considering the Yankees current rotation after C.C Sabathia - Burnett, Garcia, Colon (who's currently on the DL), and Ivan Nova, you can clearly see the need for some serious bullpen help. Besides, it's a cheaper investment than the deal Heath Bell will be looking for.

        The Yankees have some opportunities to make themselves better. It may require spending some cash, but sense when has that ever been an issue? What remains to be seen is how long Brian Cashman will try to fill holes from within and at what point does he give in to the need for Major League ready players right now.

Daniel Mazler
Twitter- @DMazzle

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