Monday, June 13, 2011

Yanks Lose Edge Without The Boss

           We knew last year when George passed that things would never be the same. It's taken a little while, but that change has set in. And it's not for the good. The Yankees had been playing solid baseball as of late. Then they ran into the Red Sox. The arch nemesis Red Sox. The team that coming into town was in 2nd place. The team that would knock the Yanks on their rear ends and leave in first place. The Yankees dusted themselves off and took their frustrations out on the Indians the next few games. Hardly a statement. But there was a statement. The Yankees are no longer the cream of the East, and they haven't been for a few years. 2009 aside, we're looking at missing the playoffs in 2008, a Wild Card finish in 2010, and most likely a Wild Card finish this season. Certain teams are built to where those results could be called a success. Not in the Bronx. Ten years ago George would have had every one's head. Wild Card? Accepting second place? Not good enough. And that's the mentality that's changed around here. Last year Joe Girardi was ok accepting a Wild Card finish, keeping his players a bit healthier down the stretch. The Wild Card being a fall back option. An "at least we made it to the playoffs" mentality. Allowing your organization to accept that is disaster waiting to happen. As this team continues to age and Girardi attempts to weather father time, expect this team to lose its edge more and more. And unless the team is ready to listen to this new, edgy Brian Cashman and make the wholesale changes from within that he believes in, expect some lean times ahead.

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